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Please Welcome The Muskie Marks Lure

For the Last 5 years I have been playing around with different ideas for the perfect reaction lure to draw muskies out of their haunts. Over the years We've all noticed certain things that muskies seem to like. Some of the things I'm speaking of are rise and fall, or dieing motion, side to side movement in which the side of the lure is exposed, and the ever so slight wiggle of a white twister tail, even when the rest of the bait is doing nothing at all. This bait has the buoyancy of wood but the durability of a rock. The lure is about five inches long without the tail. With the big 5/0 hooks, it has great hooking ability. This can be worked as a fairly shallow crank bait, with an erratic wide wobble, or you can use it like a crazy jerk-bait, That does dive and rise, and cuts from side to side. Did I mention that this thing casts like a rocket? You can cover water fairly fast or slow down and tease em. I like to mix it up on my retrieves. The colors you see below are of the first I've made and they work awesome on stained waters like Castle Rock, Petenwell, Redstone and the Wisconsin River. I urge you to give em a try and you'll be hooked up soon.

Here's one that couldn't keep away from the my LURE!

Bluegill Pattern


Wounded Whitebass pattern

Wounded Whitebass

Wounded Crappie Pattern

Wounded Crappie

Fire Tiger Perch Pattern

Fire Tiger Perch

Chartreuse Glitter Bandit Pattern

Chartreuse Glitter Bandit

Enjoy the new colors

5 inch Lures are $20.00 each Shipping is $5.00 to anywhere in US. up to four lures per box. Baitshops can call for special price and shipping will vary. Feel free to call about order. 1 608 415 1231

Send check and money order to:

Muskie Marks

202 Lake St.

Elroy WI, 53929

Please include how many, what color, Name and return adress.

Call: 1 608 415 1231 for questions

Check out how the lure runs through the water. Watch the videos below.

Make a couple cranks on the reel, stop abruptly,let rise a little